Comparision Sheet Compare editions of Vutog GPS Simulator

Vutog GPS Simulator 4.0 has been released. New features - HTTP interface, IMUX & MUX. Click here to download.

The following table shows the features included in the different editions of GPS Simulator by Vutog.
Edition Professional Enterprise Ultimate
Eight different Communication interfaces for GPS Simulation
Serial Port
Double Serial Port connection support
NMEA or RAW Data sending & receiving through COM Port
File sending and receiving through COM Port
Unlimited Serial Port connection support (depends on available serial ports)
Virtual COM Port
N No of Virtual COM Port creation
File Sending & Receiving
NMEA or RAW Data Sending & Receiving
Can be a TCP/IP Server
Can be a TCP/IP Client
Unlimited TCP/IP Servers & Clients connections (depends on available ports)
File sending and receiving through TCP/IP
NMEA or Raw Data sending and receiving through TCP/IP
Can be a UDP Server
Can be a UDP Client
Unlimited UDP Servers & Clients connections (depends on available ports)
File sending and receiving through UDP
NMEA or Raw Data sending and receiving through UDP
HTTP - new
GET and POST methods
GPS Data can be sent in URL and NMEA Sentences formats
Configurable file path of server
Response notification display
Bluetooth device communication via COM Port
Send the data through COM Port to Bluetooth device
File Sending & Receiving through Bluetooth
NMEA or RAW Data Sending & Receiving through Bluetooth
Android Mobile Devices Bluetooth interface using GPS Gateway App
GPS Gateway App for Android Device (free download from Google App)
Location Mockup using GPS Gateway
Location simulation from Vutog GPS Simulator->GPS Gateway App->Android Device
Sending NMEA Sentences to Android Device through GPS Gateway
Sending RAW location to Android Device through GPS Gateway
Bluetooth UUID Server for Android Apps or any devices
Can be a Bluetooth Server at a provided UUID
Broadcasting of NMEA Sentences to all Bluetooth connected clients
Broadcasting RAW location to Android App or Any Bluetooth Device
Unlimited number of Bluetooth UUID Server
Input Modes for GPS Simulation (NMEA Generation)
Log Files Playback Input Mode
Turbo speed in loading NMEA log file
Latitude (X), Longitude (Y) Track plotting in unit of NM, miles, km & m
Flexible center aligned or auto adjusted XY axes
Location and Track plotting on World Map
NMEA file statistics view
Replay speed controller like N NMEA per second or at maximum speed
Replay status view
Real Time Stamping for sentences from NMEA Log File
File Replay in Loop
Ability to parse and simulate NMEA Sentences from Log File
NMEA Generation by World Map Input Mode
Latitude & Longitude generation by location selection
View and choose position with Mouse Movement
Real Time object movement plotting on World Map
Manual Position settings in Decimal or Degrees, Minutes, Seconds
Tracking Mode
NMEA generation speed controller
True Course and Magnetic Variation auto-calculation
Speed configuration in KPH, MPH and KNOTS
UTC time calculation based on current system time
Satellites constellation (PRN, azimuth, elevation, SNR)
Start and End positions selection by mouse
Dilution of precision factors (PDOP, HDOP, VDOP) inputs
Altitude and Geoid Height values inputs
2D/3D selection mode (manual/automatic) inputs
Position fix mode (2d/3d/not defined) selection
NMEA Forward Input Mode [IMUX] - new
Data forward from one connection to one/many connections
Demultiplexing NMEA from one connection to many connections
NMEA Multiplexing Input Mode [MUX] - new
Data forward from many connections to single connection
Merge NMEA from different connections to single connection
None Input Mode
Send text (NMEA) to communication channel by typing with CR
Send in Loop with its interval setting
Send text (NMEA) to communication channel by typing without CR
Send raw file to communication channel
Tools & Utilities
NMEA Forward Tool [IMUX] - new
Incoming Data Forward from one connection to N connections
Forward Received data from GPS Device to any other connection
NMEA Sentence filter before forwarding the NMEA data
Any data forward option
NMEA Multiplexer [MUX] - new
Merge data coming from many connections to single connections
NMEA Sentence filter before forwarding the NMEA data to single connection
Any data forward option
Logger (Tool to log file) for generated NMEA sentences
Connection (interface) wise Logger
Logger for raw NMEA Sentences
Logger for parsed NMEA Sentences
NMEA Sentences Logger
Log raw NMEA and same NMEA parsed in one file
NMEA Sentence selector
Connection (interface) wise NMEA Sentence selector
Selection of required sentences for generation
CRC Calculator
CRC Calculator for NMEA Sentence error detection
Activity History
Activity History for performed connections
Core GUI Features
Advanced Docking Workspace for flexible and easy usage
Tree View workspace for configured communication channels
Tab based workspace for each communication channels
Notification icon based reach GUI
More than 80 different types of NMEA Sentence Parsing and display
Extended current position information display during simulation
Simulation via N No of communication channels at once
Simulate N connections from one connection
GPS Quality Indicator selection during NMEA simulation
Multiple Instances - new
Turbo Speed
Small compact binary developed in C, C++
Minimal use of Registry
Non-cluttered look and feel, ability to show/hide panes
Multithreaded capability to simulate N number of devices