Vutog GPS Simulator has been released

We are delighted to announce the Major Release of Vutog GPS Simulator 4.0 (Build version today.


New features –


  • HTTP Connection support.
  • NMEA Forward Input Mode [IMUX].
  • NMEA Multiplexer Input Mode [MUX].
  • Multiple Instances support.
  • Many more advancements 


Bugs Fixed (reported by customers) –

  • None


Bugs Fixed (reported internally) –

  • Crash during Connect All and Disconnect all operations.
  • Others bugs.


The features of Vutog GPS Simulator can be viewed at -http://gps.vutog.com/gpssimulatorcomparisonsheet.html

The screenshots of Vutog GPS Simulator can be viewed at -http://gps.vutog.com/screenshots.html


Downloads: http://gps.vutog.com/download.html 
Purchase: http://gps.vutog.com/shop.html

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