Vutog GPS Simulator has been released

We are delighted to announce the Major Release of Vutog GPS Simulator 3.0 (Build version today.


New features –


  • GPS Gateway Android App integration (download it from here).
  • Full revamp of Communication interfaces (connection options) for GPS Simulation. Now it covers all possible PC communication interfaces.
  • Simplified TCP/IP Server & Client connections.
  • Added five different communication interfaces (connection types) - 


                              1.  UDP
                              2.  Bluetooth
                              3.  Virtual COM Port
                              4.  Android – through GPS Gateway
                              5.  Bluetooth UUID Server


  • Android Mobile Devices Bluetooth interface using GPS Gateway Android App.
  • Data Forward Manager.
  • Manual Position settings in Decimal or Degrees, Minutes, Seconds for Start & End points.
  • Tracking Mode in Map Mode
  • NMEA generation speed controller
  • Connection Dialog - check Name implementation
  • Many more advancements 


 Bugs Fixed (reported by customers) –

  1. Direction issue fixing - the object was not moving in designated (end ) direction.
  2. Configured connections are not getting saved in specific cases
  3. Real Time Stmp was not happening in certain cases
  4. Hang issue during simulation in specific scenarios


Bugs Fixed (reported internally) –

  1. 'Send to All connections' condition.


The features of Vutog GPS Simulator can be viewed at -http://gps.vutog.com/htmpages/gpssimulatorcomparisonsheet.htm

The screenshots of Vutog GPS Simulator can be viewed at -http://gps.vutog.com/htmscreenshots/gps_docking_window.php


Downloads: http://gps.vutog.com/htmpages/download.htm 
Purchase: http://gps.vutog.com/phppages/shop.php

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