Top 10 reasons to use Vutog GPS Simulator


  1. Any real time track can be simulated with required speed and can be replayed, plotted and analyzed.
  2. The Vutog GPS Simulator seven (all possible communication interfaces) which minimizes the cost of buying Actual GPS Receivers for development & testing.
  3. If there is a need of sending massages to N number of ports/connections then it is very difficult with the machine but if the Vutog GPS Simulator is used then messages can be sent to all connections just by one click.
  4. By Vutog GPS Simulator, Android Mobile Device navigational Apps can be simulated, debugged and tested.
  5. Using Vutog GPS Simulator, incoming data source from one GPS Device can be forwarded to different communication channels using Data Forward Tool.
  6. Suppose a person in US wants to generate the NMEA sentences for any other location or a track worldwide then it is not possible from actual GPS Device but very easy with Vutog GPS Simulator.
  7. Extremely useful for those students who want knowledge of GPS. In that case software is always easier than the actual machine. 
  8. In laboratories, where so many students are working together then it is more productive to use software than an actual GPS Device.
  9. Take one simple example - there is a Ship comes from a long visit and someone wants to know what are the locations and tracks visited by Ship. There is no way. What we can do is – we can put a GPS Device connected with Vutog GPS Simulator in positions logging state. These log files can be played back by Vutog GPS Simulator with drawing of track on map and we would be able to find the past track and locations followed by the Ship.
  10. As we know, inside a building GPS Device doesn’t work and actual GPS Signals are not available. In this case, Vutog GPS Simulator can act as a virtual GPS Device with all same satellites customizable settings, standard NMEA protocol and much more features for any testing, development and debugging.


For more information on this product, please write to us at – team@vutog.com.
We are waiting to see your comments, feedback and suggestions on this release. Being a small team, your responses are really a great help for us to go in right direction.


Downloads: http://gps.vutog.com/htmpages/download.htm 
Purchase: http://gps.vutog.com/phppages/shop.php

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