How to use Virtual COM Port?

To transmit NMEA Sentences or RAW data to Virtual COM Port,  first of all you need Virtual COM Port available at your PC. For this, please install Virtual Null Modem Software (com0com).


Virtual null modem is a communication method to connect two computer applications directly using virtual serial port. Unlike null modem cable, virtual null modem is software solution which emulates hardware null modem in computer. All features of hardware null modem are available in virtual null modem as well. Nevertheless there are some advantages:


  • more transmission speed of serial data (limited by computer performance only)
  • unlimited distance because virtual connection over network or Internet is possible
  • unlimited number of virtual connections is possible
  • no serial cable is needed
  • serial port of computer is free


This software is generated under GNU License.

This software is generated under GNU License.
Developers site: http://sourceforge.net/projects/com0com/


After downloading the application file from above location, first you need to unzip the file to a folder. In the folder, you will find setup.exe. Install it on your computer. Follow this step by step process:


  1. Open the folder where you had extracted the zip file and click on the file named as Setup.exe, optionally you can go through the ReadMe.txt file - the setup instructions are provided in it.
  2. A screen saying "Welcome to the Null-modem emulator ( com0com) Setup wizard" will open. Click on Next button.
  3. You will see the "License Agreement". Click on I Agree button.
  4. You will see the "Choose Component" screen, just click Next button.
  5.  "Choose Install Location". I left it as default. You can make your choice and click Install button.
  6. A console prompt might pop-up during the installation. Don't worry, just let it do its work.
  7. Twice you will get the "Install the software automatically (Recommended)", click Next for both.


By default 2 virtual COM ports will be installed. They will have CNCA0 and CNCB0 names. You can use default names (example for CNCA0 port name):



However, in order to use these virtual COM ports in other applications, we suggest to rename them. It can be done in "Setup command prompt" or "Setup" utility (see "Programs / com0com" in Start menu).


If you prefere to use command prompt:

  1.      Launch the Setup Command Prompt shortcut.
  2.      Enter the change commands, for example:

                  command> change CNCA0 PortName=COM2
                  command> change CNCB0 PortName=COM3

                  If you use GUI "Setup" utility simply rename port names



                  Please choose names for COM ports that are not currently used in your system.


After that 2 new COM ports will be available. Configure Vutog GPS Simulator to write NMEA sentences to one of them (for example to COM2) and other application to read from another port (COM3). If everything is done correctly client application will read NMEA sentences from COM3 port.


For more information on this product, please write to us at – team@vutog.com.
We are waiting to see your comments, feedback and suggestions on this release. Being a small team, your responses are really a great help for us to go in right direction.

Downloads: http://gps.vutog.com/htmpages/download.htm 
Purchase: http://gps.vutog.com/phppages/shop.php

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