How to use GPS Gateway?

You can simulate Andorid App running on ‘Android Mobile Device’ by Vutog GPS Simulator through GPS Gateway App. GPS Gateway App is provided by us which comunicates to Vutog GPS Simulator and recieves the simulated locations over bluetooth. It mocks the recevied locations on the Android Mobile Phone and your own developed Android App or any Navigational App starts reading the mocked location. This is extreamly useful when you want to test or develop your Android App indoor or want to show a fake route or location to your friend on Facebook.


Please download GPS Gateway App from Google Store –

Google play store





The screenshot of GPS Gateway is below –

GPS Gateway NMEA Sentences


Communication flow between Vutog GPS Simulator & Andorid Bluetooth device is shown below –

Steps to establish this connection is below -

  • Make sure Bluetooth is ON at Andorid Mobile Device & PC both.
  • Pair PC with Andorid Device as you usually do for a general purpose. Pairing can be initiated from either side – PC or Android Mobile Device. You may need to provide the passkey for this pairing.
  • Configure the ‘GPS Gateway Server’ from same connection dialog. Under connection dialog, select ‘Android Device’ and ‘GPS Gateway’. You can choose the required Output Data format from this connection. Selection of ‘Latitude, Longitude and Alitude’ will output the location in the special format of or selection of ‘NMEA Sentences’ will give output in the format of NMEA sentences.


A screenshot of this configuration is below -



  • Press ‘Start Server’ to start the Server now or ‘Add’ to add this server connection to workspace to start later.
  • To mock the received locations from Vutog GPS Simulator, you need to enable this setting in your mobile. Mocking location means – setting a real time location on your mobile which is not the mobile location at that point of time. That is, if you are in some place of USA, you can tell the phone that you are at some place of India & your phone will show India’s location as your real location.
  • To enable mock location on you andorid mobile phone, go to Settings->Applications->Development. Check the ‘Allow mock locations’ option.
  • Once Mock location is set on Mobile and GPS Gateway Server is started at Vutog GPS Simulator, launch the ‘GPS Gateway App’ on your Mobile Device. If installed, the GPS Gateway App is displayed on Mobile as shown below –


  • Press ‘Connect a Device’ button (displayed at bottom left corner) from the GPS Gateway App. If paired, it will immediately connect as bluetooth client to GPS Gateway Sever running on Vutog GPS Simulator and show the connected status.
  • Once connected, it would start getting locations based on selected format immediately as shown in screen below –



  • The GPS Gateway parses these locations and set to Mobile. Your own App or other App running on this mobile starts showing these locations as real time locations. 


For more information on this product, please write to us at – team@vutog.com.
We are waiting to see your comments, feedback and suggestions on this release. Being a small team, your responses are really a great help for us to go in right direction.

Downloads: http://gps.vutog.com/htmpages/download.htm 
Purchase: http://gps.vutog.com/phppages/shop.php


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