How to use Bluetooth UUID Server?


A connection interface as Bluetooth UUID Server can be created on Vutog GPS Simulator. A UUID (Universal Unique Identifier) is a 128-bit number used to uniquely identify some object or entity on the Internet. Bluetooth communication generally happens using Bluetooth client and server concept. A Bluetooth server run on specific UUID and this UUID is used by clients to connect to a Bluetooth server. Vutog GPS Simulator provides the feature to create a Bluetooth UUID based server on your provided UUID. This connection is useful when your device or application acts as a Bluetooth client and doesn’t want to change the UUID to which it wants to connect. You can provide same UUID in this type of connection and start receiving NMEA or RAW data.


The steps to create Bluetooth UUID Server is very simple –

  • If your application is/on separate device, make sure Bluetooth is ON at Device & PC both.
  • Pair PC with Device as you usually do for a general purpose. Pairing can be initiated from either side – PC or Device. You may need to provide the passkey for this pairing.
  • Configure the ‘UUID based Bluetooth Server’ from same connection dialog. Under connection dialog, select ‘Android Device’ and ‘Using Bluetooth Service Class UUID’. Provide the UUID on which you want to run a server. You can choose the required Output Data format from this connection. Selection of ‘Latitude, Longitude and Alitude’ will output the location in the special format of ‘lat=,lon=,alt=’ or selection of ‘NMEA Sentences’ will give output in the format of NMEA sentences.


A screenshot for this configuration is below –


Bluetooth UUID


  • Press ‘Start Server’ to start the Server now or ‘Add’ to add this server connection to workspace to start later.
  • After this, any bluetooth UUID based client can connect to this server on specified UUID and receive NMEA Sentences or RAW data from Vutog GPS Simulator.


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